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How Do You Differentiate Country, Primitive and Rustic Style?

If you are familiar with decorations, then you might have heard the terms country, primitive, and rustic. These terms are common in the scene of decoration and some people use them in place of one another. Let’s look at the differences between these styles.

As mentioned earlier, the country-style has many sub-styles: American Country, French Country, Coastal Decor, etc. All these styles have …

The Beauty of French Country Style Architecture

Apart from homeowners, architectures and decorators also find great inspiration from French Country style homes. Also known as Provence homes, French Country homes incorporate stone facades and rustic interiors that have surges in popularity. They mostly display simple, neutral, and natural finishes.
Design Elements
French country style architecture draws its inspiration mostly from nature. For that reason, a French country style home naturally blends with its surroundings. Here are some of the distinct characteristics of this country-style architecture:
Natural Stone Exterior…

Present Country Decorating Designs

When we talk about “country decorating designs,” most people envision the 1980’s style which may not apply today. The present country decorating is classic, highly versatile, casual, and friendly or welcoming. You can even duplicate it even with a low budget.
The beauty of country decorating is the number of styles that come from it. The country decorating designs have sub-styles such as Americana, Cottage, English country, Farmhouse, French Country, Rustic, and Shabby Chic. These sub-styles are friendly, simple, and casual. Just like any decorating design, country style may rise and fall in its popularity, and may change from…

The Details and Basics Involved in Fresh Country Decoration

French country decoration will always give you a comfortable, elegant and warm feeling. You can think of creams, baby blues, warm pinks, and soft yellows. The decor should be simple and graceful.
As for the furnishings, French Country design features more on painted furniture. So, purchasing vintage furniture best fits this style.  Rusted metal and wrought iron are often part of this style. Also, fabrics mostly follow the pattern called Toile de Jouy, which is traditional.
Kitchen Decor
A kitchen with the French country style is recognized for its numerous numbers of jars stacked with …