French Country Decor Rooms

French Country Style Bedroom Ideas

French country style bedrooms usually are vintage beds and headboards. Aside from that, there are other traditional bedroom sets that are on the pricier side and can be found from specialized manufactures or antique shops.

Examples of these bedroom sets include canopy beds, Rod Iron, Victorian, and sleigh beds. Here are some ideas for your French Country bedroom furniture and beddings.

Dressers, Chests, and Armoires

Vintage armoires and wardrobes are excellent additions to your country-style bedroom. Also, you can try a fancy paint technique to your furniture, popularly known as crackling. This paint technique will help bring out a touch of vintage in your bedroom. Other options include desks, vanities, mirrored chests, and writing armoires.

Benches, Sofas, and Chairs

You can use vintage benches, sofas, and chairs just beside your bed so that you can have your own cozy reading corner. Find them in any online or local manufacturer or in flea markets.

Accent Pillows and Bedding

To complete your French style bedroom, use white quilt linens or comforters with colorful grain sacks, burlap, or floral pillows. You can also opt for comforter sets that are available at home design shops.

Incorporate these vintage bedroom sets in your bedroom and transform your space. You can as well add antiques, trinkets and other accessories.

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