Basics of French Country Decor

The Beauty of French Country Style Architecture

Apart from homeowners, architectures and decorators also find great inspiration from French Country style homes. Also known as Provence homes, French Country homes incorporate stone facades and rustic interiors that have surges in popularity. They mostly display simple, neutral, and natural finishes.

Design Elements

French country style architecture draws its inspiration mostly from nature. For that reason, a French country style home naturally blends with its surroundings. Here are some of the distinct characteristics of this country-style architecture:

Natural Stone Exterior

A French country style home usually has a brick or simple stone facade, which is traditionally flat. Note that symmetry is key to most French styles.

Sloping and Tall Roof

A French home features a remarkably high and sloping roof. These tiles are made of clay, barrel-shaped, overlapping, and come in beige, brown, or red.

Rectangular Windows

The tall and rectangular windows of a French home can make it appear taller. Typically, the windows of the ground and next floor are aligned and have wooden shutters or arches as decorations.

Natural Stone or Wood Flooring

Natural stone or wood flooring with herringbone or parquet patterns was popular in the traditional French country style and remains to be so even today. Aside from natural wood, another traditional flooring choice is limestone.

Neutral and Soothing Color Palette

Most French homes have neutral and soothing color palette designs, which are cream, gray, pale blue, pale yellow, or white finishes. Warmth and texture usually come from the stone, wood, and natural accents of the house.

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