French Country Decor Rooms

French Country Style Bathroom Ideas

French country design not only works best for the living room and bedroom, but also for the bathroom. Being a common theme, it is easy to use it and decorate your bathroom and achieve a timeless aesthetics. With that said, here are some French country design ideas that add elegance and beauty to your bathroom.

French Style Bathroom

A French-inspired bathroom can have two round and modern sinks on top of a wooden and antique table. This style gives a modern vibe with a taste of old school. Also, a French painted candle holder and mirror finish your bathroom’s elegant look.

French Style Shower Room

You might be thinking about getting a freestanding tub to duplicate a French-inspired shower room, but you don’t need that. What you need is a lively chandelier, a gold mirror, and candle holders that match the color of your brass shower. Also, you can use a wooden and antique table to hold your towels. Lastly, bright paint and new tiling will give your room a fresh feel with a touch of French.

Copper Bathtub

If you think you have the money for it, it’s best to get a copper bathtub. A copper tub gives your bathroom pride together with hexagonal terracotta floor tiles, a French fireplace, and a gold chair.

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