Basics of French Country Decor

Present Country Decorating Designs

When we talk about “country decorating designs,” most people envision the 1980’s style which may not apply today. The present country decorating is classic, highly versatile, casual, and friendly or welcoming. You can even duplicate it even with a low budget.

The beauty of country decorating is the number of styles that come from it. The country decorating designs have sub-styles such as Americana, Cottage, English country, Farmhouse, French Country, Rustic, and Shabby Chic. These sub-styles are friendly, simple, and casual. Just like any decorating design, country style may rise and fall in its popularity, and may change from time to time.

The present-day country is not an extremely fussy, ruffled, and feminine like it used to be in the previous years. Past country styles were more on bold colors, wine and grape motifs, and a frenzy of sunflowers. Today, the traditional way is still there, but softer. Vibrant yellow, terracotta, and sage green are still the standard, yet in soft tones.

The only thing that remains is the pattern called Toile de Jouy, which is standard in French country decorating. You can combine it with checks, stripes, and florals if the palette is limited to only a few tints with matching intensity.

You might be questioning the difference between French country and English country. Well, there’s not that much difference at all. The French country style uses brighter and warmer colors, while the English country style is more rustic.

Moreover, the French style uses Toile de Jouy, gentle outdoor scenes, and checks, while English decor uses horses, dogs, florals, and pattern mix.

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