Basics of French Country Decor

The Details and Basics Involved in Fresh Country Decoration

French country decoration will always give you a comfortable, elegant and warm feeling. You can think of creams, baby blues, warm pinks, and soft yellows. The decor should be simple and graceful.

As for the furnishings, French Country design features more on painted furniture. So, purchasing vintage furniture best fits this style.  Rusted metal and wrought iron are often part of this style. Also, fabrics mostly follow the pattern called Toile de Jouy, which is traditional.

Kitchen Decor

A kitchen with the French country style is recognized for its numerous numbers of jars stacked with staple food. You can buy old jars with covers at garage sales or thrift shops to match the style. Then, add your hand-made labels and use old grocery signs or street signs as wall decor.

Dining Room Decor

French country style dining rooms usually have mismatched old chairs with a garden table or iron patio. Also, repainted wood tables with natural tones are perfect for this style.

Living Room Decor

When decorating French Country style living rooms, one thing to keep in mind is the windows. Unlike in the traditional living rooms, windows in French Country living rooms should not be heavily draped by fabrics. So, it’s best to incorporate lacy panels that allows the sun to shine through while providing privacy.

Bedroom Decor

If you want a French Country style bedroom, an old gate made with iron can make an excellent headboard. You can also use a garden bench made with metal at the footboard of your bed.

Bathroom Decor

An easy way to decorate your bathroom with the French Country style is to use old fruit bowls and iron racks to hold washcloths and towels. A vintage buffet would be best for the sink too.

That’s the beauty of French Country Style!

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