French Country Decor Rooms

French Country Style Living Rooms

French people have a rich history, and they love incorporating the present and the past into their styles. The elegance of French country-style living rooms honors French tradition amid the changes it undergoes over time.

French Country with a Hint of American Style

You can have a classic American fireplace in your living room and accentuate it with white French armchairs, a classic sideboard with patina, a mirror with gilded frames, and untidy painting. All of these will give you a French country-style living room feel.

French Romantic Style Living Room

A French country romantic style living room features rustic materials such as dark-colored ceiling beams and chairs that have muted color upholstery. Also, an old chandelier and two antique and gold mirrors add an impression of romance. Lastly, French-inspired doors give you a French vibe.

Family-Decor Seating

White covered sofas give you a family-style seating for great conversations with family and friends. You can place a historic stone fireplace in the center of your living room instead of a large television. Have arched windows and paint them with soft gray color. Your walls, floors, and ceiling should be in pale natural tones to create a modern vibe.

Keep your family area warm and comfy with the French country style!

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