French Country Walls

French Country walls have taken centuries of wear-and-tear and baking in the sun to give them that mellowed and faded look we all love.

Stone walls, perhaps not seen as often as they once were, are found inside and outside French Country homes - either left bare or plastered.

french country wall

Due to age the weathered bare stone has developed a lovely patina, and if plastered the walls are rough and most often imperfect.

Wall colors are earthy and muted, probably glazed decades ago.

Glazing is a technique that has been practiced for centuries. In old times they used distemper - a home made paint based on whiting, glue size and water - resulting in a thin, rather chalky finish.

French Country Wall Decor

  • Walls play a dominant role and are key to achieving a complete French Country look. Think of your walls as a canvas or backdrop and try and emulate that aged and weathered look of French walls in soft stone and taupe shades.
  • Glazing walls is an ideal way to achieve an aged look for French Country walls. Your craft or hardware store should be able to advise you on the best products and how to apply them. You can also visit the page on faux plaster where you will find easy instructions to color wash walls in order to give them an aged look.
  • Various results can be achieved between the colored base and the glazed top coat. A good option is to use either a cream or off white colored base with a light sandy or tan colored glaze.
  • If wanting a simpler option to faux plaster, paint walls in a warm, subdued and earthy tone, or subtly wash or 'water stain' in a neutral and flat color palette. Again think taupe or soft stone shades for French Country walls.
  • French Country walls can also be paneled. Paneling can add weight and emphasis to a room if needed. This way you can also cover up faults and hide unsightly pipes or cables. However, wood paneling can be expensive. Create the look of inlaid panels by adding some trim to the wall in a line of faux panels. Paint the trim a lighter shade of the main wall color.
  • Stucco plastering is another great faux wall finish to create an aged look with texture. If you are thinking of this French Country decorating idea for your walls, you can find instructions and a fine example to inspire you at Decorating Ideas Made Easy.


  • Water based paints and glazes are best to use as they clean up easily with soap and water, are odorless and they dry much quicker than oil based paints and glazes.
  • Use a flat emulsion paint instead of oil based for the base coat under the glaze.
  • Try getting some paint testers first and practise various color combinations on poster boards and then tape them to the wall to get an idea first. This way you will avoid buying large amounts of paint or glaze only to find you are not happy with the end result.
  • If paneling, paint the raised molding details in a different color, or a lighter shade of the moulding color on the wood paneling.

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