French Country Style

Where Rustic Meets Refined Living

Before the phrase 'French Country Style' the general look of rural France used to be called French Proven├žale or French Provincial, acknowledging the rural and sunny region of Provence, with its rustic textures, rich colors and almost primitive furnishings.

By association all of rural France was referred to as French Provincial, but France is a huge country with different regional, historical and social influences.

French Country Style
  • Regional:

  • The northern regions being much cooler have different landscapes and play of natural light from the northern skies resulting in the use of paler colors - in complete contrast to the rich and vibrant colors of warm and sunny Provence.

  • Historical:

  • Life was very simple and somewhat primitive for the peasant farmers in Provence, unlike the country towns up north who thrived on the commerce of the local industries, resulting in a new up-and-coming wealthier middle class, with some acquiring homes in the surrounding countryside. Furthermore, events and trends which happened up north, closer to the capital of Paris, took a long time to filter down south. When France's golden age arrived in the 18th century the peasant farmer's lifestyle remained relatively unchanged, even after the French Revolution in 1789 and beyond.

  • Social:

  • Society too had its influence, ranking country homes as Manoir, Maison Gentilhomme, Maison de Maitre and Maison Bourgeois - all being above that of the simple, working farmhouse and cottage.

It became inevitable that chateau style living would eventually filter down to the middle class manors - it was here where the pared down furniture of the country would meet the fine embellishments of the chateau.

Today French Country is a 'catch all' phrase for all of rural France, merging northern and southern regions - from the rustic farmhouse or cottage to the more refined manor.

A casual style with a subtle crossover - where the beauty and simplicity of rustic France meets the refined living of the French chateau.

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