French Country Kitchen Decor

French Country kitchen decor gets its character and individuality from everyday kitchenware and accessories. Whether old or new, just about everything connected to the kitchen is used as added decoration.

In the French Country kitchen just about all kitchenware is on view, for two reasons - to be within easy reach of the cook and secondly to be admired and enjoyed.

French Kitchen Decor
Glassware, ceramics and metalware are chosen for their shape and fine lines to enjoy using as well as to admire.

In the armoire handsome plates, cups, saucers and dishes are stacked into pleasing piles or grouped into interesting compositions.

Creamware - cream bodied earthenware, first made in the 18th century to imitate porcelain - is also proudly displayed as French Country kitchen decor.

Faience - tin glazed earthenware - a very popular accessory in Country French kitchens - with gorgeous colored glazes in mustard yellows, splendid greens and creamy whites are proudly displayed on shelves and in alcoves.

French Country Kitchen Decor

Drinking glasses are often displayed on window sills and wine glasses and carafes grouped on the table, ready to be used. Collections of tea and coffee pots are grouped on counter tops.

Pots and pans, mostly shiny copper, are hung near the cooking area or from a wrought iron pot rack suspended from the roof.

Country French kitchens have stacks of wooden trays and woven baskets, if not holding fruit and vegetables, then a pile of table linen or torchons, which are glass cloths made of linen. Vintage torchons are highly collectible as many were homespun. They are identified by a red stripe running length ways and often have embroidered monograms or cross-stitched initials. If you can find any, hold onto them for they are a pleasure to use and linen absorbs far more water than cotton.

French Kitchen

Decorated jugs or pitchers are pressed into service as utensil holders. Jugs are favorite all-purpose containers for French Country kitchen d├ęcor, and are grouped according to shape or color.

Wrought iron and twisted French wirework, in the form of pot racks, baker's racks and containers, hold anything from eggs to cutlery.

Lamps, candlesticks and candelabra in different sizes adorn tables and shelves.

Inherited treasures are proudly displayed along side modern pieces.

Last but not least, French country kitchen decor would never be complete without something green or flowering, placed in any attractive container, connecting the kitchen to the outside.

French Kitchen Decor Ideas

  • Haul everything out of your cupboards; find kitchenware with interesting shapes, colors and decoration. Then look at it and think laterally to see what you could place together to make interesting groups on counter tops, shelves and on the table.
  • The French love decorating with a quirk, so also look in your cupboards for items that can be used as interesting containers.
  • Plant some kitchen herbs in some old decorative cake tins or canned food tins.
  • Place cooking utensils in a tall earthenware vase or jug.
  • Use a wooden cutlery box to display fine designed cutlery instead of keeping it hidden in a drawer.
  • If you don't have the appropriate space for an overhead pot rack to hang pans, hang a small circular pot rack from the ceiling and attach bunches of dried lavender or herbs. Or attach decorative iron hooks to the wall.
  • Display granny's kitchenware with pride.
  • The odd carved wooden rooster and a flagon or two of golden olive oil will create instant French Country kitchen decor.

P.S... Found these milk cans, just perfect for French Farmhouse decor

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