French Country Interior Decorating

7 Easy Steps

French Country Interior Decorating

French Country interior decorating is a process and part of the process is the fun of searching and finding those perfect pieces, whether furniture or accents.

If you can't find them now, wait until you do, instead of substituting with something you're not completely happy with. Take your time and enjoy the process of French Country home decor.

If you have no idea where to begin with French Country design in your home, here is some help to get you started.

A short list of words to help you get the feel of decorating French Country:

The Look
Think:    Airy spaces, layers, texture, age, gently worn, weathered paint, earth and sky colors.

The Feel
Think:    Informal, unpretentious, welcoming, charming, stylish, character, unexpected, harmony, scale and balance.

The Elements
Think:    Rough plaster, stone, wood, wrought iron, terracotta, clay, zinc, glass, linen and natural fibres.

The Colors
Think:    Warm terracotta reds, musty violets, soft butter yellows, Mediterranean blues and turquoises or, cool soft sage greens, pale but warm blues, creamy pinks, watery turquoises and smoky grays.

7 Easy Steps To Help You Create the French Country Look


Start with the focal point. Choose a French Country item that will immediately draw the eye and be the most dominant item in the room. Perhaps a large armoire, dresser or huge French mirror hung above the fireplace.


Choose your French Country color palette. It could either be the warm colors of southern France or the cooler colors further north of the country. When painting your walls try to keep to neutral earthy shades as a backdrop to display the items in the room.


Collect a group of objects that emphasize French Country. The collection doesn't have to be large; three to five (use uneven numbers) or more if preferred. Faience, creamware, antique lanterns, decorative birdcages, candlesticks, urns...etc. Try as well to reflect your interests and personality in the collection.


Frame authentic objects from France to add a personal touch and some credibility. Again this could be anything like a piece of antique toile, olive oil labels from Provence, wine labels from Burgundy, postcards or original photos of the French Countryside...anything that can be framed.


Install a wrought iron chandelier, or if this can't be done incorporate some old or new candelabra.


Make sure you bring the outside in through always having flowers in the room. No French country home is ever without them, loosely arranged in vases, pitchers or any suitable containers.


Continue to review each time you introduce a new element, making sure it blends even though it may not match. Don't be afraid to mix old with new, experiment and allow yourself to be creative. If at any stage you have doubts, just remember... harmony, scale and balance. If your instinct tells you any of these three elements are your instinct and re-arrange.

Remember: French Country interior decorating is more about 'feeling right' opposed to following rules.


Think about creating a mood board to help you visualise the 'end picture'.

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