The French Country Bedroom

A Simple yet Elegant and Romantic Sanctuary

The aim of French Country bedroom decor is to create a sanctuary of simple elegance, comfort and luxury while keeping the room light, spacious and airy.

The French country bedroom, like any other country bedroom, is characterized by its simplicity. But the French, who love individuality, beauty and comfort, have their own way of interpreting simplicity. It may be simple in style but that doesn't mean it will be short on comfort and luxury. It is individual, open, light, airy, comfortable, harmonious, romantic and... simply beautiful.

French Country Bed
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Ever mindful of space, harmony and balance, each component of the room is carefully chosen, mixing old and new, and even the most fundamental element is not only elegant and stylish, but in perfect harmony with the rest of the room.

Having a more softer and feminine approach the room is inclined to have gentle colours which harmonize and soothe.

French Country Bedding

The French Country bed has down pillows with sheets and pillow covers made from natural fibres like linen and hemp, which are not only comfortable but luxurious. Not only are natural fibres enviromentally friendly but they offer natural insulation, unlike their cousins made from synthetic man made fibres manufactured from oil-based chemicals. Linen, hemp and cotton bedding may be more expensive, but the price tag is definitely worth it.

Blankets, still more popular than duvets, are soft and snug. Beds are dressed in linen or cotton valances and sheets, topped with blankets, then finished with a pretty 'boutis' or quilt and soft cushions combined with a bolster.

If you are looking to purchase bedding do take a look at Layla Grayce where you will find exquisite examples of the finest bedding.

French Country Bedroom Furniture

In days gone by the bed used to be symbolic, therefore the head and foot was fairly adorned and decorated. Today, the bed is still one of the most important pieces of furniture and although not as adorned as it used to be, it is still decorated to some extent.

French country beds are made of wood or iron, free standing with a spring base and have a head and a foot in some decorative style. It is also not unusual for the bed to have wooden or metal posts.

Other pieces found in the room will be an armoire, an occasional chair and a commode.

Bedroom furniture can either be painted in soft shades or lime washed for a softer effect.


The icon of a French Country Bedroom is the amoire. Door panels can also be softened with mirrors or filled with gathered fabric.
French Curtains


Walls are mostly light in colour, finished in off-white or a soft whisper of gray, pink, yellow or blue. It is also quite acceptable for a bedroom to be wallpapered in soft patterns of flowers or lightly coloured stripes.

Window Treatments

Simple in style, with no fussy drapes, swags and tails, but soft curtains falling to the floor in a generous puddle.


An elegant overhead chandelier or a couple of wall sconces, perhaps dressed in crystals or prisms to reflect light. Bedside lamps are also used for ambience.


Usually wooden boards, which could be painted or sealed, terracotta tiles or parquet flooring. If rugs are used they will preferably be sisal or made of a natural material.

Creating the Look

french country bedroom
  • Start with a neutral palette in one tone and add colour with quilts, cushions and accessories.
  • Accessories can be candle holders, storage boxes, quirky porcelain figures, antique busts, mirrors and needless to in pretty antique vases. However, keep accessories minimal and do not clutter.
  • Lighting should be soft to give the room ambience. Wall chandeliers or a central chandelier, simple in style and perhaps dressed with prisms is a good choice.
  • Furniture in the French country bedroom should be simplistic, elegant and kept to a minimum, avoiding clutter. Mix old and new, but use old pieces that look loved and gently worn with age, not shabby and neglected.
  • Use the best bed linen you can afford to add luxury and comfort to your French bedroom decor.
  • Remember, rules are minimum for French Country, but do retain harmony and balance through careful choice of furniture and colour.


  • Instead of using a pair of matching nightstands, why not use one small round table on the one side and a slightly larger square table on the other side. Or use a commode on one side and an old seaman's chest on the other.
  • Another idea is to take an old coffee table with curvy legs, cut it in half, give it a paint treatment and attach each half to the wall. Think laterally and let your imagination run free to give your French Country bedroom some interest and individuality.
  • Use an ornate, fair sized picture frame and insert a mirror to hang above the bed...or just hang the frame on the wall for interest.
  • A tall ornate mirror propped against the wall as in the photo at the top adds instant French appeal.
  • Use old French sheets and quilts as bedcovers.
  • Back scraps of treasured pieces of toiles, stripes, checks and florals with a new piece of fabric for cushions.
  • Paint armoires in a soft colour to bring out the carvings and moldings


If your lamp shades are plain or don't match, don't get rid of them...rather re-cover them in a pretty toile or just dress them up by adding beads, crystals or fringe trimming.

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