French Country Accessories
Functional and Fabulous

French Country accessories add individuality and character to a room, but the charm of the style stems from the slight twist in the way the French introduce their décor accents.

Functional items although pressed into daily service are displayed as accents, in a simple yet artful way to look attractive, mostly arranged in groups, sorted by color, design or shape.

The French dislike discarding anything of beauty. Therefore, if items are no longer required for their original use they will either be re-purposed, or used as a decorative object to be admired for their beauty and patina.

French Country Living Oversized containers in the form of old metal buckets re-purposed to accessorise this table are well balanced with the simple rustic furnishing. Note the artful statement and visual impact of the sparkly, elegant crystal chandelier with the simple dull zinc buckets.

Take note too of the old decorative panel, no longer in use but now leaning against the wall as a decorative item.

Below are a few examples of typical decor accessories you would find in the French country home - use it as a guide or to spark some ideas of your own.

  • Very large, attractive glass or stoneware jars and urns are particularly popular, including traditional containers used to store olive oil. You will find them next to the stairs, by the door, in a corner, placed on top of cupboards, in bookcases, or under tables. They are also not limited to indoors and can be found in the garden or on the patio.
  • Stacked baskets of varous sizes and wire containers holding various household items are common French Country Accents.
  • Pretty jugs and pitchers are not only used to hold liquid and can be found in every room. Grouped according to shape or color they make a display all on their own. Most often they are filled with garden flowers, placed on tables, a buffet or bureau.
  • Mantelpieces and tables display groups of large and small candlesticks and antique lanterns.
  • Walls are decorated with mirrors, simple or ornate, the bigger the better, to reflect the outside light into the room.
  • Ornate wirework bird cages, either standing or hanging are either empty or filled with greenery.
  • Armoires not only display faience and creamware, but books and various collections of household items, even old fabrics, stacked according to pattern and color.
  • Shelves hold collections of glazed earthenware, oil lamps, coffee and tea pot collections as well as beautifully cut glassware, cloches and vases.

The French do not believe in hiding items of beauty in kitchen cupboards and instead bring them out to display. Therefore, French Country kitchen accessories are often items like china, glass, silver and copper ware, on show in open cupboards or on shelves, to be admired for their aesthetic charm, as well as being within easy reach of the cook.

Last but not least, nature's own accessories in the form of plants, herbs and flowers are used in abundance. No French country home will ever be without them, filling the home with the beauty and frangrance of the countryside, placed in pitchers, milk jugs, urns, teapots or even dried bunches hung from the walls or kitchen beams.

So next time you look at old familiar household items that have any form of beauty, like shape, design or patina, look at them from a different angle and think how you too can display or re-purpose them as French Country accessories.

Try to find unusual and different French country accents that reflect the charm and spirit of the style. This may not always be easy, but if looking online do visit Michele's Country Villa Décor store. Michele goes out of her way to source hard to find home decor products, and being a talented photo stylist and photographer in her own right, knows exactly what to look for, plus her delightful blog has many inspirational decorating ideas for your French décor.


I have just discovered, to my delight, that One Kings Lane offer unique 'Vintage and Market Finds' online, where I have seen a few charming French Country items.

Go take a peek and see for yourself, and if you do not find something today, do check again as new arrivals are listed daily.

french country distressed coat rack This Distressed Coat Rack & Photo Frame available for purchase is a good example of a reproduction item made to look re-purposed.

However, if you are into DIY, why not try your hand at re-purposing an old window frame into your very own coat rack with photo frames. If you need a little help, watch this space as I will be attempting this project soon, hopefully, once I find an old wooden window frame.

Happy decorating!

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Psst! If you are looking to add a touch of unique French Country charm to your decor, do visit Suzy Meek's Ruby Lane store. Suzy, an interior designer and expert in French textiles, offers a collection of genuine and rare French accents, textiles and trims direct from la belle France, where Suzy lives and sources her French lovelies.

You can also visit Denise's site Cottage Home Decorating for 10 great ideas on French Country accents.

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