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Tips for Having an Inviting and Warm English Country-Inspired Home

English country style homes usually feature steep and thatched roofs, effusive gardens, and manicured grounds. The style can either be formal or casual, and the heart of this style is its functionality. It also associated with comfort and warmth.
Traditional Furniture
Chairs and sofas of English country style homes generally have covers of patterned fabrics. Bookshelves, display racks, and china cabinets also show family heirlooms and treasured items. Also, second-hand furniture is usually painted and sanded for a distressed appearance.
You can use a variety of colors in English style decorating. Hues…

French Country Style Rooms

French country decor has its unique beauty and characteristics. Here are more French country style living room ideas that you can pick for your decorations.
Combining Styles
A French-inspired living room can simply have neutral colors such as browns, creams, soft whites, and tans to keep your living room inviting and cohesive. You can always add a different touch to French style.
Modern French Style
To incorporate a French country chic style in your living room, you can have greige, soft gray, beige, and tan colors to complement your modern furniture that has natural cotton and linen covers. You can add …

French Country Decor Basic Elements

French country decor will always offer a casual and warm feeling for your home. The goal of French Country décor elements is to make your home look charming and old. By knowing some of these elements, you’ll have a beautiful French country style interior.
To decorate your rooms with French country decor, opt for the colors below:

Soft gold and sunny yellow
Burnt rust and fiery red
Dark green and grass green
Ocean tones and cobalt blue

Dull gray and bright black accentuate these bright shades and defines your accessories. Generally, French country style …