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Hello, and a warm welcome to my site!
My name is Eileen and I live in South Africa, in a small but delightful seaside town called Port Alfred, half way between Durban and Cape Town.

Who and what I am

Simply put, I am just an ordinary wife and mother who loves God, her family, her home and good old fashioned, wholesome living.

I am married with two lovely grown up children who are no longer in the home, and I guess one can say I am dealing with a touch of empty nest syndrome. However, we do have three gorgeous and energetic Border Collies who are my 'babies' and they certainly do help to fill the void.


I also love craft work and sewing, but my favourite pastime is a do-it-yourself project for the home or garden. If I am not found in the house or garden I will certainly be found pottering in the garage with some power tools, a flea market find, some paint etc. etc, or perhaps working on welding some metal project or other.

Of course all metal projects which pass through my hands seem to land up having a French flavour, like the wall chandelier on the right which I created, then painted and decorated with crystals.

French Country

I suppose in a way French Country found me before I found it. I grew up in a modest home in the country and have always been interested in decorating my surroundings, even from a young age.

As a teenager a family friend offered me an antique dressing table and chest of drawers she no longer wanted. I loved those pieces from when I first saw them. They had beautiful curved legs and delicate carvings, but due to long storage they seemed tired and needed some life.

After giving it much thought I decided to give them a generous coat of paint. I won't tell you what color I painted them, but hey, I was only fifteen and it was the early seventies! That was my very first makeover project...and when I saw how those very same pieces suddenly sprung to life with a touch of paint, I do believe that was the day the flea market junkie in me was born. To this day I still furnish my home with flea market finds, either as is, or painting and repurposing them.

However, at that age what did I know about preparation like sanding and priming before painting? Needless to say, with time paint started chipping off with every little knock and scratch they received from daily use. But to me they developed a character of their own and I liked the effect. My room was my haven. It was warm, inviting, cosy and casual - a place where I could express myself and be me. I guess even back then I was a French Country girl at heart and I didn't know it.

I have always loved France, its history, people and language for as long as I can remember. Due to this love I have always collected French inspired items. Being a travel agent by profession I had the privilege of being able to travel to various countries, but France has always kept me captive.

You can imagine my delight when French Country, or French Provincial as it was previously known, started becoming fashionable. As I have always been attracted to furniture with 'shapely legs' I already had some pieces which was a great start.

I really wanted to dig in to the style and discover its heart and history - and the more I discovered, the more I wanted to know - from history to decorating, cooking and gardening.

Aim of this Site

What you see and read on this website is information that I have gleaned over time from various sources, and I am still discovering and learning. The aim of this site is to share the info with all who have been touched by the spirit of this charming style and would like to know more.

And to all the Francophiles out there, if you would like to add something, or feel I have misinterpreted anything, please drop me a line, I would truly appreciate it.

Special Thanks

I'd like to thank Dr. Ken Evoy the founder of Site Build It! and his team, who enabled me to create this website from scratch without knowing much more than how to surf the web, send emails and create or file documents.

I was not only taught in simple steps how to design, write and publish this site, but how to be found among the masses on Google and all other major search engines. With unfailing 24/7 support and encouragement all the way, this company sure know how to over deliver.

There are lots of false promises out there on the web, so to me a company as unique and genuine as Site Build It! deserve very special thanks!

Take a peek at the video below. You may just decide to start your own website - it's easier than you think!

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