Style and Decor

French Country Decor Basic Elements

French country decor will always offer a casual and warm feeling for your home. The goal of French Country décor elements is to make your home look charming and old. By knowing some of these elements, you’ll have a beautiful French country style interior.


To decorate your rooms with French country decor, opt for the colors below:

  • Soft gold and sunny yellow
  • Burnt rust and fiery red
  • Dark green and grass green
  • Ocean tones and cobalt blue

Dull gray and bright black accentuate these bright shades and defines your accessories. Generally, French country style interiors use different contrasting colors and textures.


Natural materials play a vital role in French style decorating. Use rough painted or stained plaster walls, beamed walls and ceilings, perfectly carved wood, and rush chairs to give your home a simple yet sophisticated look. Stone floors covered with cotton rugs or wool are a plus. Most importantly, a French country style home is incomplete without a stone chimney.


You can have a large and round/rectangular dining table with a low-sheen or dull waxed finish. The details of its carvings often give grace to your dining space combined with occasional chairs to accent it. Additionally, rush seats will fit your table perfectly. Your flooring can be brick, clay, or stone.

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